Perfecting the Art of Interaction

In partnership with a variety of educational organizations, Conversation Builds Character provides resources and programs that promote character development and foster the deep reflection and strong communication skills needed to build a stronger society.

Making Good Choices

One sign of a great nation or culture is that it supports the free and robust exchange of ideas. At the foundation of this interaction are the principles of mutually-shared human rights. The goal of this initiative is to promote human rights and encourage people to work for the common good in their community.

Conversation Builds Character incorporates historical and behavioral lessons to help people grow in their understanding of and appreciation for other people’s views. The program promises to bring about real change in our schools and neighborhoods by empowering people to have meaningful conversations about issues that impact all of us.”
– Don Senti, Former Superintendent of the Clayton and Parkway School Districts, St. Louis, MO

Good choices are those made freely, within an informed context, based on a mutually shared understanding. Bad choices are ones that are made under duress and coercion, no matter how subtle the forces in play may be. Conversation Builds Character adheres to no single philosophical or ideological framework. Instead, it relies on the good will and good judgment of participants sincerely seeking common ground.

Conversation Builds Character seeks to promote healthy interaction between students at the middle and high school levels by facilitating deep reflection and meaningful conversation about ethical behavior that ultimately contributes to a better society for all.

“Our differences may divide us, but our common humanity unites us.”
– The Good Lie, American-Indian drama written by Margaret Nagle