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A Bold Initiative for a Brighter Future

What if you could help students, teachers and others in your community reach new levels of respect and understanding? What if you could teach them to really listen to others and value diverse opinions – especially those different from their own?

Conversation Builds Character is a bold initiative aimed at empowering people to learn and adopt methods of communication and social behavior conducive to mutual respect and understanding.

Using the Holocaust and other genocides as a lens for deep conversation, this program explores the behavioral and societal conditions that lead to such atrocities. This initiative seeks to expose and confront human dynamics that lead to hatred or intolerance toward those who are viewed as different from us.

Conversation Builds Character is an innovative program, designed to challenge participants to examine their thoughts, speech, actions and non-actions in light of these historical examples of grave injustice.

The program aspires to build character through education, reflection and conversation. The ultimate goal is to inspire and encourage people to think critically, act responsibly and lead courageously – to build a better society and a brighter future for all.

“ Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela